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I am working on a new project, which I am using NaNoWriMo to jump start. My novel is an erotic romance with very explicit subject matter. The story focuses on a male couple and their decision to take a third partner into their relationship who is female.

This novel in progress contains explicit adult material, gay and bisexual sex, threesomes and some kink. It should be read by adults only.


Dr. Ivy Croften is a conservator of art and antiquities at the Baltimore Museum Of Arts. Ivy has always followed the rules, always walked a very careful line in an effort to avoid the mistakes she has witnessed women make in their lives. She does not want to give up her career for a man, her independence for the promise of love, and her sense of self for society’s idea of what she SHOULD do. She has made her way alone, afraid to let anyone else in. At 27, Ivy is a prodigy in her industry, a well respected artist and art restoration expert. But when she is hired to travel to a highland castle estate in Scotland and restore panels of elaborate 17th century woodwork by the artist Grinling Gibbons, Ivy discovers she is not immune to romance, sex and maybe even love…

Lord Malcolm Lachlan inherited the his title and the estate of Castle Invergaren three years ago, when his father died. Malcolm left home at age seventeen when his stern and unyielding father discovered Malcolm was with another man. Exiled from his family, Malcolm made his own way in life, without the fortune or the glamor of the family estate. Malcolm started his own business, building custom boats and creating beautiful works of art and craftsmanship. He fell in love with the man of his dreams and for the first time in a long while, he felt happy. But when his father Lord James Lachlan was diagnosed with cancer, Malcolm is called in to take over the family estate and to save his family, he returns to Castle Invergaren and takes up his role as Lord of the manor. His life is different, but his partner is beside him. He doesn’t expect to fall in love again, until SHE arrives…

Callum MacGregor never subscribed to the idea of “normal” and still doesn’t. An architect, he has designed works of art all over the UK and his career is at its peak. Moving his business and his life from the capitol city of Edinburgh to the remote Castle Invergaren is a risk, but for Lord Malcolm Lachlan he would do anything. Together, they have saved Malcolm’s family heritage from collapsing into ruin and patched together the remnants of a family that was tormented by the late Lord James Lachlan, Malcolm’s father. Callum is a free spirit and he will never be broken. He gives everything he is to the one he loves, and so when the lovely Dr. Croften arrives, he cannot stop himself from loving her, and he has no intention of trying…

To read “Tangled Hearts” – check out each chapter in the links below and check here for new and frequent updates. (I usually have an update every couple of days)
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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four