I read the first two books. I didn’t care for them. I don’t think they were terrible. They were just not great and pretty vanilla for a book about kink. That being said, I object to the so called “feminists” who are ranting about rape and abuse in the story. There is NO rape in 50 Shades. The woman consents to all sexual activity in the book. She gives her consent. The dominant even has a written contract so that she understands what she is getting into and tells her to stop at any time. She can walk away at any time.

A big part of the backlash is people claiming that the books will cause women to covet controlling and abusive relationships.

OK, so basically they are saying that women are so fucking collectively stupid and weak minded that they cannot discern reality from fantasy. They are saying that women cannot have dark fantasies, that it makes them victims. That women who have these fantasies are somehow broken and unworthy.

50 Shades has been loosely compared to Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy. Fans of Anne Rice (I am a huge Anne Rice fan) on her Facebook page are bashing the 50 Shades books, while praising the Beauty books. OK, a little breakdown for them and their frighteningly selective memory:

1. In The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty, the Prince wakes Beauty from a many year slumber and immediately owns her.

2. She is paraded naked in public, whipped on a merry go round in a slave market, and SOLD to an innkeeper.

3. She is FORCED to be a servant in a village full of sexual sadists.

4. Did the tampon scene in 50 Shades freak you out? Well, in Beauty’s Punishment, the innkeeper puts butter on Beauty’s vagina and has a cat lick it off. Nothing like a little beastiality to conveniently forget when one is being on one’s high horse.

5. A woman is chained to the ceiling, hanging in a spread eagle position. Honey is spread over her vagina to attract flies. How easily that bit of fun is forgotten among the most superior of erotica readers.

6. Beauty is given an enema to “clean her out” for sexual servitude.

7. Sex slaves are dressed as “ponies” for pony play and FORCED to pull carriages.

8. Beauty is made to play a game that involves gathering fruit and stuffing it in her vagina.

9. Beauty is “given” to the captain of the guard and his men to pass around until they are finished with her.

10. In Book Three, Beauty and her friends are CAPTURED by slavers and taken to a harem where they are owned and used by a sultan.

11. Beauty is tied to a statue that has an erect phallus that she is impaled on and kept there to be an ornament for the Sultan’s guests.

12. Beauty cries a lot. So do her sex slave friends. Not exactly perfect consent.

The Beauty books are fairy tale. They are fantasy that pushes the limits and makes you feel funny in your pants. 50 Shades is essentially the same damned thing. Women are perfectly capable of having fantasies without applying them to their daily lives.

Women are not dumb little idiots that need your protection. A book is a book. Fiction. Let women enjoy their fantasies and quit getting in their faces about it to make you feel superior.

I am writing a book that is darker than 50 Shades ever thought about being. A fantasy. I hope women enjoy it for what it is.